Motion control programming is a way to move different elements in a controlled manner. These systems are widely used, but not many people know that. They usually operate behind the scenes, and without them, many everyday activities wouldn’t be possible. As the motion control industry is rapidly evolving, many are becoming more and more interested in this field of engineering. If you’d like to know more about it, here are five interesting facts:

1. We Use Motion Control Every Day

Motion control systems are a part of our everyday lives. They can be found in cars, coffee machines, buses, trains, elevators, etc. However, motion control systems are also used in industrial space to automate different processes. Companies from all over the world have embraced this trend because it makes production much easier and more convenient. Some examples are conveyor systems and robots that are used in production and storage.


2. Motion Control Is Also Utilized in Cars, Defense, and Aerospace

Motion control systems have a wide application and are used for many different things, including aerospace engineering and defense. When it comes to aerospace engineering, motion control is used for emergency fueling, cooling systems, as well as weapons. Many military operations wouldn’t be possible without the utilization of these motion control systems.

3. Motion Control Market Will Be Worth Almost $23 Billion By 2022

Since motion control is so widely used, it’s no wonder that the industry is becoming bigger and bigger every day. Key driving factors that are responsible for this expansion include the integration of advanced automated processes and an increase in demand for robotics. Only four years ago, this industry was worth around $16 billion. By 2022, it is expected to reach at least $23 billion in value.

Artificial Intelligence in Motion Control

4. Robotics Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

In the past, robots were seen as cool toys, and no one thought that the robotics industry would reach this level of interest and application. Nowadays, robotics is used everywhere, from healthcare to product handling. E-commerce giants, such as Amazon, have started using robots to sort and package their products. 

5. Motion Control Is Essential for the Medical Industry

One of the most important applications of motion control systems is found in the medical industry. Nowadays, doctors use robots to perform delicate surgeries because of their precision and accuracy. Moreover, motion control is used in wheelchairs, prosthetics, dentistry, and respiratory systems.

Motion control systems are extremely useful and make our everyday lives much easier. These systems are silent heroes that have enabled our society to achieve amazing things. Since this industry is evolving so rapidly, and it is constantly being innovated, everyone’s excited to see what the future holds.