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Animatics delivers total machine solutions with a special approach to integrated motion controls and amplifiers. Their fully digital systems require no physical adjustments, which means maximum MTBF, greater durability and serviceability, and reduced development times. Animatics’ new Class 5 line has five times faster processing speed of regular integrated servos. They create highly reliable machine building from simple two-axis pick and place applications to installations of more than 1,000 servos instantly synchronized in coordinated motion. Vickers-Warnick is able to deliver significant savings to machine builders by lowering the real world total cost of developing, building, selling and supporting automated equipment with the use of Animatics’ products.

Vickers-Warnick is a value-added distributor and integrator of applied solutions for Machine Safety and Guarding, Machine Control and Sensing, and Motion Control. With offices in both Ontario, Canada and NY, USA. We support our customers with product recommendations, sales and installation, application assistance, assessments, training and repair.  We have built our reputation over the past fifty years as a provider of best in class products, and for our in-house expertise. Contact Us or fill in the red quote form to your right for more information or to set up a safety assessment.

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