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Vickers-Warnick is a value-added distributor and integrator of applied solutions for Machine Safety and Guarding, Machine Control and Sensing, and Motion Control.

We have built our reputation over the past fifty years as a provider of best in class products, and for our in-house expertise in supporting machine safety and guarding, machine control and sensing and motion control applications. We are known for our commitment to quality service and responsiveness to customers.

Vickers-Warnick represents manufacturers who offer leading edge technologies, and whose products are unsurpassed in quality, engineering and reliability. We represent over twenty-five manufacturing partners including Ross, Pepperl and Fuchs, Leuze Electronic, Ametek and Animatics.

We also have a fully owned subsidiary, Darlex, that specializes in the design and manufacture of aluminum machine guards, machine bases, and special applications.

Vickers-Warnick is a “one stop source” for all machine safety and guarding, machine control and sensing and motion control solutions.

Vickers-Warnick has a team of factory trained specialists that will assist you with your application needs. We apply our many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the latest electrical, mechanical or pneumatic technologies to address your safety and machine guarding, machine control and sensing or motion control requirements.

We understand that a safe operation is essential to the well being of workers, as well as for overall productivity. We offer solutions ranging from custom designed physical guards, made from our quality brand of aluminum structure (DARLEX), to electronic light curtains, ergonomic safety mats, and wrap around guarding solutions for machines with complex geometries.

Modern manufacturing facilities are quickly evolving into more complex, highly sophisticated automation cells. Vickers-Warnick provides effective, integrated sensing and machine control solutions that increase productivity and reduce waste and costs.

Vickers-Warnick has the in-house expertise to recommend the linear or rotary actuator system best suited for your specific motion control application. We can assist you with the sizing, specification, and programming of Servo, Stepper, and Precision gearing products that utilize the latest software tools.

A Vickers-Warnick sales and engineering team will work with you to wade through the countless solution options that are available and determine the right fit for your safety, operating, precision and budget requirements.

Our team of experts will; assess your current situation, challenges and objectives; recommend the right technologies to eliminate the potential safety problem or optimize machine performance; provide a detailed bill of materials for the recommended solution; install all solution components; train your personnel in the proper use of the recommended technologies; and provide after sale support for all solution components.

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