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Linear Decelerators

Linear decelerators – also known generally as shock absorbers – play a number of important motion control functions. For example, linear decelerators are used for decelerating loads as they move horizontally and/or vertically, thus preventing impact damage. They are also used to dampen noise in facilities and to increase cycle speeds.

Linear decelerators have several advantages over mechanical stops and rubber buffers. For example, linear decelerators help control the speed and distance of movement, with the actual deceleration time relatively short. Most linear decelerators are adjustable, adding an extra element of flexibility to production. They also prolong the life of equipment by dampening impacts between points.

Given the wide range of utilization, there are several types of linear decelerators including hydraulic shock absorbers and self-adjusting shock absorbers. Each of these, in turn, comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations.

2011-10-28 Ace ControlsACE Controls Inc. manufactures and supplies deceleration and motion control technology for a number of industries, including the automotive, robotics, material handling, packaging, steel, machine tool, lumber, amusement, and medical sectors.


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