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Reitech Safety Products

ReiTech is an expert in school technical education environments. ReiTech's products provide solutions that can help your school or company to meet and surpass government safety regulations. They also feature products designed in accordance with environmental, health, and industry standard safety requirements to help prevent accidents in schools and workplaces. ReiTech's common-sense approach to improving and implementing safety and reducing accidents with new products and instructional techniques improve the learning environments and teaches students what real workplace scenarios will be like.

ReiTech manufactures Easy Off Power Control Emergency Stops for machine safety, which will help students, instructors and industry professionals avoid unnecessarily faced hazards. Not all emergency stops are the same. The Easy Off Power Control is perfect for stationary machinery such as table saws, band saws, jointers, router tables, lathes, milling machines, drill presses and more. A major safety innovation, The ReiTech Easy Off emergency stop is designed to help prevent machine accidents. It provides a standardized control panel and instinctive, hands-free shut off. Key locks "OFF" for security. Models that incorporate complete magnetics are also available.

Vickers-Warnick is a value-added distributor and integrator of applied solutions for Machine Safety and Guarding, Machine Control and Sensing, and Motion Control. We can provide your manufacturing facility or school shop with safety recommendations, design and implementation of ReiTech Easy Off Controls in Ontario, Canada and New York, USA. We support our customers with product recommendations, sales and installation, application assistance, assessments, training and repair. We have built our reputation over the past fifty years as a provider of best in class products, and for our in-house expertise. Contact Us or fill in the red quote form to your right for any questions or to schedule an assessment.

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