At Vickers-Warnick, we understand that a safe machine operation is essential to the well being of workers, as well as overall productivity, and profitability.

We offer complete solutions in both Canada and the United States to help you address machine safety issues in your organization including:

  • Machine Risk Assessments:comprehensive reviews of your machinery and solutions to ensure your machinery is compliant with provincial and state machine safety regulations.
  • Machine Guarding Solutions: from custom physical guards to electronic light curtains, ergonomic safety mats, and wrap around guarding solutions for machines with complex geometries.
  • Machine Safety Training:we’ve trained thousands of people on OSHA and CSA codes, the applications of these codes, risk assessment, and practical uses for PSRs.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improvement machine safety, we have developed a comprehensive machine safety site for our Canadian and U.S. customers.