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2011-10-29 Tapeswitch


Tapeswitch is a major developer and manufacturer of sensors for safety application. They currently have the widest range of safety mat, sensing edge, and sensing bumper products.

Tapeswitch has added complementary electronic devices such as safety controllers and light curtain safety systems for extra  convenience to their customers.

Products Include:

  1. -Presence sensing industrial switching mats
  2. -Cushioned sensing edges and bumpers
  3. -Press-at-any-point ribbon switches
  4. -Interface controllers
  5. -Photo-electric safety light curtain systems
  6. -Foot and hand switches
  7. -Touch pads
  8. -Road and vehicle sensing switches and passenger signalling switches

The industries and markets served by Tapeswitch include aerospace, automotive, automation, material handling, medical, fabrication, metal forming, robotics and machine guarding to name a few.

Vickers-Warnick can help you with a risk assessment so that you can avoid a potentially dangerous automated machine system and to select the proper safety system  for your company’s needs.

Vickers-Warnick is a value-added distributor and integrator of applied solutions for Machine Safety and Guarding, Machine Control and Sensing, and Motion Control. With offices in both Ontario, Canada and NY, USA. We support our customers with product recommendations, sales and installation, application assistance, assessments, training and repair.  We have built our reputation over the past fifty years as a provider of best in class products, and for our in-house expertise. Contact Us or fill in the red quote form to your right for more information or to set up a safety assessment.




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